Pool Opening and Closing
London Ontario

Swimming Pool Opening & Closing Services

No matter the season, Professional Pool Services is here to help with pool openings and closings. Our team will assess your pool before opening or closing it and provide an estimate for any necessary repair work. We make sure that all of the necessary steps are taken in order to ensure a smooth transition between seasons. Whether it is draining the pool, cleaning filters, or adjusting pH levels, we’ll have everything running like new again in no time.

pool closing services

Learn about our pool opening and closing services in London, Ontario and surrounding nearby areas. Our team is dedicated in providing only high-quality and reliable pool services to clients across the forest city.

Opening Services

  • Pump winter water off the pool and remove and dispose of debris
  • Remove and clean winter cover
  • Install all system and deck equipment
  • Visually inspect and prime circulation equipment
  • Administer opening chemicals
  • Lightly clean liner, stairs, and deck

Closing Services

  • Remove deck equipment
  • Backwash the sand filter
  • Lower the water level
  • Drain and winterize the circulation system
  • Install the winter cover

We will always provide you advice on what has to be done immediately against what can wait if any maintenance or repair issues arise, putting you in charge.

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