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Professional Pool Services is your full service pool company.  Elite service, combined with reasonable pricing and sate of the art technology and knowledge have brought us to the forefront of London’s pool and spa service industry. 

With over 15 years of experience serving customers in London and area, Professional Pool Services is equipped for the proper maintenance of your investment.  You can have confidence in your decisions and our expertise to carry out any tests, repairs and replacements.

Opening and Closing

Don’t spend one of the first beautiful days of spring cleaning and opening your pool.

Opening Services

  • Pump winter water off the pool and remove and dispose of debris
  • Remove and clean winter cover
  • Install all system and deck equipment
  • Visually inspect and prime circulation equipment
  • Administer opening chemicals
  • Lightly clean liner, stairs and deck

Closing Services

  • Remove deck equipment
  • Backwash the sand filter
  • Lower the water level
  • Drain and winterize the circulation system
  • Install the winter cover

If any repairs or maintenance concerns come up, we will always advise on what has to be done right away or what can wait, so you are in control.

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Professional Pool Services has the advantage of being large enough to provide all the services your pool required, but small enough to remember our customers by name and listen to your concerns.  Save time by letting us maintain your pool while you enjoy it. 

We can always personalize maintenance plans specifically for your pool and spa. 

Even if we don’t open your pool, we can help you out with our Water Analysis & Chemical Delivery service or equipment troubleshooting.

New Equipment & Repairs

Professional Pool Services is your first source for information on new product and equipment to run your pool smoothly and economically.

We are always on top of new products and emerging trends.  So we would be happy to provide a balanced recommendation on products to heat your pool, keep it clean, make the water healthier, and keep your running costs down. 

Some common equipment repairs and installations include:

  • Salt water systems
  • Ozone generators
  • Automated vacuums
  • Pool and deck lighting
  • Heaters
  • Liquid solar ‘blankets’

Filters and circulation equipment

Water Analysis & Chemical Delivery

Professional Pool Services offers free delivery of chemicals and additives for your pool to save your time and money.  Quality maintenance chemicals can’t always be added to your shopping list to pick up conveniently.  With competitive prices and free deliver, you can’t go wrong.

Premium quality products include:

  • Chlorine (liquid, granular or pucks)
  • Bromine tabs
  • Salt
  • pH Adjusters
  • Alkaline adjusters

Other products are available upon request.

Leak Detection

Detecting a leak in your liner or lines is more of an art than a science.  And that makes it tricky for a pool owner to even suspect a leak.  If you water drops an inch a week or more it may be a leak.

With top of the line leak detection equipment and certified scuba divers on staff, Professional Pool Services is able to find and fix a leak in no time.  Since we don’t have to call in sub-contractors or rent expensive equipment, we will save you time and money waiting for an expensive service call.

Renos & Liner Replacement

If you are considering a new liner or need your old one replaced, we will bring samples by so you can see the colour and pattern close up. 

Additional patterns are available from the Signature Liners line.

New Installations

What could be better than making memories in your own relaxing and refreshing swimming pool.  We know we don’t have to convince you of how great it would be to own a pool!

Hiring Professional Pool Services can stretch your resources to their fullest.  Let our professional design and installation team build you a quality pool that suits your backyard and your budget.

Let’s talk about your ideas!  Contact Us.

Don’t know where to start?  We will bring some ideas and go from there.